ADHD Awareness Month

ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the most common behavioral disorder for children today. But many children never gain a correct diagnosis. This means they continue through adulthood fighting their symptoms without the help they need. It also means ADHD Awareness Month can play a significant role in helping people recover from both ADHD symptoms and addiction that the untreated disorder often enables.

Why is ADHD Awareness Month Important?


ADHD Awareness Month is more than a 31-day span on each October’s calendar. This behavioral disorder affects five percent of all children, meaning it also affects five percent of all adults. The condition causes impulsive behavior, attention problems, an intensity in physical activity and other issues. Left untreated, ADHD also leads to school, work, social and addiction problems.

Unfortunately, many parents know little about ADHD and its symptoms. They struggle with their children’s or teen’s behaviors and do not understand where the problems come from. For many people with untreated ADHD, teen and young adult years bring substance use disorder. Others suffer in addiction for years of their adult lives without knowing why life seems more difficult for them than others.

ADHD Awareness Month helps trigger thoughts of possible answers to parents’ and adults’ school, social, work and addiction problems. This leads many to seek a real diagnosis for their “personal problems.” Anytime a marketing campaign helps save lives and foster brighter futures, that campaign is important.

Do You Struggle with ADHD and Addiction?

You possibly suffer ADHD, if you also abuse substances and do not understand why. People with ADHD often show high intelligence, creativity, and interest in the world around them. But they struggle to use these talents because of their ADHD. Instead, they appear troubled and unable to learn, relate to others, or pay attention as they should.

ADHD often leads people to substance abuse. If you suffer the condition and it remains undiagnosed, drinking or using drugs helps you self-soothe at first. Maybe you even felt in control of your life for the first time ever, when you started abusing substances. But this path of self-medication never goes well.

Now you find yourself in addiction. But the good news is perhaps through this awareness month you recognize the possible reason for your substance abuse and addiction. Now you only need to gain the right diagnosis–no matter what your underlying cause of addiction is–to start getting the help you need.

How to Recover from ADHD and Addiction

Once you learn from a doctor or other addiction specialist what the root causes of your addiction are, you start the road to real recovery. All of this help and insight comes from a quality treatment program, including detox and rehab.

The ADHD and addiction help you need may include:

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