Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center for Depression and Addiction

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center for Depression and Addiction

Many people who are considering a dual diagnosis treatment center, want to know that the treatment structure has worked well for others. Since it is a big and difficult step to reach out for help, individuals would like some reassurance. It is beneficial to know that dual diagnosis treatments for people with addiction and depression first started to develop in the 1980s. Due to favorable outcomes, this treatment structure continued to grow in popularity over the years. There are also types of dual diagnosis treatment programs for other combinations of diagnoses as well.

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

The simplest explanation is that dual diagnosis treatment is a treatment plan to address two separate problems in a holistic way. The goal is to provide better overall treatment. Ultimately, the goal of depression and addiction dual treatment is to equip the patient with the right knowledge and techniques to manage depression and break the cycle of addiction for good.

Why Is Addressing Both Issues Important?

For an optimal outcome to any health issue, all factors must be considered. Treating addiction without treating depression will leave a patient depressed. The patient may eventually return to the addiction cycle. If the depression is treated without addressing the addiction, the patient is unlikely to break the cycle of addiction. When patients who are prone to substance abuse are not treated concurrently for mental health issues, they can be disruptive to a standard addiction treatment plan. Since the suicide risk is 25% for people with depression and addiction, treatment of both issues is especially important.

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Concerns With Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Some people who are considering treatment have several concerns. These are some common examples:

  • Will depression medication affect addiction tendencies?
  • Will depression treatment work?
  • How effective is the addiction treatment?

At Soul Surgery Rehab, we teach you how to free yourself from addiction. While this is happening, we work to find the right depression treatment plan for you. Not all people are the same, and not all people respond the same to different treatments. After we learn more about you and your depression, we work to find the right balance for you.

Is There a Link Between Addiction and Depression?

Research shows that the two issues are linked in some people. In one study, 33% of the 155 participants who were admitted for substance abuse had depression. More than 35% of the participants with depression improved significantly after dual diagnosis treatment. What was interesting about that study was that no participants were on antidepressants when they left. In that study, the researchers concluded that the participants’ depression was likely from substance abuse.

This does not mean that all people who struggle with addiction will be free from depression after they break the addiction cycle. Some people developed depression before they started using drugs or alcohol. This means that depression treatment may be continual. A study from the National Institutes of Health showed that an estimated one-third of the participants with depression developed a substance abuse problem at some point in life. According to research, women are more likely to develop depression first, and men are more likely to develop an addiction first.

How Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Professionals Help

When you enter Soul Surgery Rehab, you are treated with compassion and patience. Our professional staff understands the complexities of both depression and addiction and how they affect one another. We provide you with:

  • Strategies and methods to break the addiction cycle for good.
  • Personalized care that addresses your individual goals.
  • Dedication to ensuring that your experience is empowering, positive and effective.

Our team is here to help you regain your life and live it to your full potential. Please contact us to learn more.

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