Heroin Rehab Center

heroin rehab center

Heroin Rehab Center

Heroin is a synthetic form of morphine developed in the late 1800s. Originally derived from poppy seeds; the drug has become one of the most destructive substances for the lives of millions across the country. Soul Surgery, heroin rehab center, ha seen a marked increase in heroin use as the nationwide opioid epidemic shows no signs of slowing down.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) references research suggesting 80 percent of heroin users first misused prescription opioids. The widespread availability of opioids makes treatment much more difficult for rehabs. In Scottsdale, sufferers from around the county benefit from both the physiological and psychological services provided by Soul Surgery in combating heroin addiction.

Addiction at its Core

Drug addiction is a chronic disease. Addicted individuals experience compulsive and uncontrollable behaviors that often lead to harmful decisions. Physically, changes in the brain can permanently affect an individual’s cognitive functioning the longer an addiction is left untreated.

Drug use often begins as a voluntary choice, although in some instances, the illicit drug begins after abuse of medically prescribed painkillers. However, as usage continues over time, abusing drugs becomes compulsory to the point where an individual’s choice to stop using is compromised.

With heroin especially, the brain’s risk and reward system are sent into hyperdrive. The reward for using becomes much higher than the ability to comprehend the risk associated with using. Heroin rehab centers understand that addiction is a disease affecting both behavior and the brain. Because of heroin’s addictiveness, it is also known treatment is not a simple process.

Addiction is a relapsing disease. Patients cannot simply stop using and be cured. Instead, long-term care is required, usually with the help of rehab. In Scottsdale, it is not only essential to stop using heroin or other addictive substances but to also become a productive member of a family, work environment, and in society as a whole.

Recovery from the Inside Out

Our treatment methods strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. This is accomplished through our comprehensive proprietary treatment techniques. Each week, individuals are provided with an individualized treatment schedule. After each week, assessments are completed and, along with client input and the weekly outcomes, the most beneficial services are chosen for the following week.

As treatment progresses from detoxification and physical stability, our professional clinical staff begins to introduce holistic and alternative treatment methods from within the Recovery from the Inside Out model. Cognitive-behavioral counseling starts by identifying the original roots of substance abuse. From there, a variety of counseling options are available to develop healthy coping skills in preparation to transition back into normal life.

Long-term success depends significantly on the individual’s ability to reintegrate productively back into society. Soul Surgery’s executive state-of-the-art residential center is here to treat the whole person. Our safe and supportive environment provides a balance with those in and outside of recovery, giving everyone structure that usually is lacking before entering our center.

Taking the First Step

Only 11% of addicted individuals are receiving treatment. For too many, too much is lost during the time they are addicted to drugs or alcohol. The first step in anyone’s journey to a new, healthy life is making a single phone call. You or your loved has a choice when it comes to selecting a rehab. In Scottsdale, Soul Surgery is the area’s top addiction treatment center. Call us today and begin your path to a new beginning.

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