Staying Busy in Addiction Recovery During Quarantine

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Addiction Treatment

Staying Busy in Addiction Recovery During Quarantine

Staying Busy in Addiction Recovery During Quarantine

As we all deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are spending more time at home by ourselves. While some are quarantined, other states have enacted stay-at-home orders. Although we are supposed to be staying safe at home, this can be isolating for those who are in recovery. Addiction recovery during quarantine can be a challenge as some in the field are seeing a rise in relapses.[1] But some things can be done to decrease this risk.

Why can addiction recovery during quarantine be a challenge?

For many people recovering from an addiction, support from others going through the same thing is extremely beneficial. But, during quarantine and while following social distancing rules, this is not possible in the ways that are “normal.”  Without this regular type of support, some people may be tempted to return to their addiction. It may be due to the isolation factor or maybe even boredom.

Being in quarantine can also bring about feelings of depression and anxiety. These feelings are also known to contribute to addiction. Reducing these feelings can also lessen the chance that someone will relapse.[2]

What can people do to stay busy while in quarantine and following social distancing rules?

Attend virtual therapy sessions

Although the opportunity to attend group meetings and therapy sessions may temporarily not be available in person, there are still ways for those recovering to get the support they need.  Many rehab centers are offering virtual therapy sessions to help people get through this time. There are many online platforms that allow for video conferencing. This can allow people to still see their therapists as well as those in their support groups.

Pick up the phone

Besides virtual therapy sessions, there is always the option of picking up the phone and talking to a therapist or mentor. Sometimes hearing someone’s calming voice can help to reduce anxiety as well. The therapists holding support groups are still there through the quarantine to help people stay sober and encourage them.

Learn new things

Another thing to consider to help stay on track is to change the way you view the quarantine. Instead of looking at it as being “stuck at home” with nothing to do, think of it as a time to learn new things. Many companies are offering free online courses to help people get through this time. You can learn photography techniques, different writing crafts, and even different types of exercises you never tried before. The point is that there are plenty of activities to keep busy while quarantined. This could be your time to pick up a new hobby or skill rather than revert to old, damaging habits.

Get outside

While some parks are closed, sidewalks are not. Get outside for a walk if you can. Getting fresh air and experiencing nature can be very therapeutic. Moving and exercising is essential to get those feel-good endorphins going. When you feel good, you’ll be less likely to want to do things that are not healthy for you or in the best interest of your recovery.

Start a journal

For many people, writing down their feelings can help them work through difficult times. Expressing feelings on paper is a good way to think about the things that may be bothering you.

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Stay Safe & On Track with Soul Surgery Rehab

Soul Surgery Rehab is here to help you stay on track during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. We have staff on hand to answer your calls and get you through this difficult time.  Our staff is committed to helping people battle their addiction by offering help over the phone and by virtual conferencing.  We know that encouragement and support don’t stop during this time. If you need help battling addiction, contact Soul Surgery Rehab today or send us a message online. We are committed to your addiction recovery during quarantine and beyond.




Dr. Ravi Chandiramani
Dr. Ravi Chandiramani is a Naturopathic physician with over 15 years experience working with those struggling with addiction and alcoholism. Over those 15 years he has worked with over 7,000 patients. He is the founder of the Integrative Addiction Medicine (I-AM) model which combines evidence-based conventional addiction medicine with the nurturing and rebuilding modalities inherent to the practice of Naturopathic medicine.

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