What to Look For in a Drug Rehab Facility

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Drug abuse and alcohol addiction and abuse are devastating conditions that leave families shattered. Substance users often do not purposefully become addicted but find themselves in over their heads with no apparent way out. Thankfully, drug rehabilitation facilities can be a lifeline. But finding that right-fit drug rehab isn’t always easy. This could be why only 10% of Americans suffering with an addiction agree to rehabilitation. Learn what to look for in a drug rehab facility, either for yourself, a friend, or a family member.

Staff Credentials & Multidisciplinary Care Team

A reputable rehabilitation center must be nationally accredited, staff must be licensed by the state, and treatment programs must be multidisciplinary. 

A treatment facility should be accredited by the Joint Commission, a global organization considered the gold standard for health care. Jcaho sets rigorous standards, including on-site examinations to secure quality care and safety for clients. To learn if a facility is Jcaho accredited, visit www.qualitycheck.org.

Licensed professionals are critical to healthcare. Licensing ensures staff have met the qualifications necessary for approval by the state regulatory agency. Licensure must be current and in good standing, and can be verified through the state’s licensing site.

Every client should be engaged by a multidisciplinary treatment team. This  approach considers not only the physical aspect of the addiction, but all factors involved in the client’s situation. Professionals from multiple fields of learning must work together to address the client’s needs. This multidisciplinary team, working with you and your loved one, should develop a comprehensive and individualized plan. This team could include the following licensed specialists:

  • Wellness specialist.
  • Nurse.
  • Medical Doctor.
  • Nutritionist.
  • Psychologist.
  • Psychiatrist.
  • Chemical Dependency Counselor. 

At Soul Surgery, we believe in a team approach to healthcare and we employ only licensed professionals to treat our clients. We also employ gender-specific personnel for our male and female clients. When choosing our facility, patients have access to a variety of male and female on-staff specialists, including board-certified acupuncturists, licensed massage therapists, master-licensed fitness instructors, licensed clinicians, registered nurses, naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, psychiatric physicians, and more.

Inpatient & Outpatient Program Options 

No patient fits a mold. Some do better with inpatient care, others need outpatient. Inpatient care is residential, while Outpatient involves treatment at the facility during the day or the evening only. At times, patients begin Inpatient and then transition into Outpatient as a way to ease back into daily life. Advantages and disadvantages attach to both types of treatment, so the individual’s specific situation determines the best fit.  

At Soul Surgery, we provide both inpatient and outpatient options. After a consultation and evaluation from our multidisciplinary team, we work with clients and their families to advise which option best fits their individual situation.

Specialized Programs

Another factor to consider when choosing a rehab facility: do they include treatment specialities? For example, is this rehab facility able to treat dual addictions? Are they able to treat dual diagnosis? 

At Soul Surgery, we treat the whole patient with our Recovery From The Inside Out approach. Patients suffering with both mental health issues (which includes anxiety and depression) and drug addiction are simultaneously treated for each, with a multifaceted approach. We customize each treatment plan for our patients, providing the best care for the individual situation. 

Medical Assisted Therapies

Soul Surgery also provides a variety of medication-assisted treatments, or M.A.T. We believe every patient deserves various techniques, including the full integration of our Medical and MedSpa amenities. This is an important feature in a rehab facility. Seek out a rehab facility which has the licensed and in-house ability to provide a multitude of therapies and amenities to ensure your loved one finds the blend that works for them. 

Lodging & Amenities

The lodgings and amenities offered at a drug rehab facility should not seem overly medical and must in no way feel like a prison. Nor should a drug rehab facility be so luxurious that a client considers using to get back in for a second stay. Instead, the atmosphere should feel like a peaceful, supportive environment.

Soul Surgery’s refined facilities and amenities, located in the beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona desert, surpass these standards. Our inpatient treatment facility in Scottsdale, Arizona is beautifully appointed to provide a relaxing, welcoming environment to all our guests. 


Finally, the last factor to consider when evaluating an addiction treatment center or drug rehab facility is the cost. Do they take insurance? Is any cost associated with care covered? At Soul Surgery we accept most health insurance policies, which means our services are likely covered at least in part. 

Your Next Step

After considering the factors above, it’s time to decide where to send your loved one for rehabilitation. Contact Soul Surgery today at (800) 614-1107 to learn more about our many treatment options. We look forward to meeting your loved one and guiding them towards the freedom found through recovery. 

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