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mental health treatment

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At Soul Surgery, we recognize that everyone travels the path to recovery a little differently.  No two people experience struggles and triumphs the same way, and treatments that work for one patient may not appeal to someone else.  Our addiction and mental health rehab center, in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, offers a vast variety of effective, evidence-based services to meet your individual needs.

Mental Health Treatment

Each patient has access to evidence-based group therapy and individual counseling from qualified specialists in our mental health treatment center.  Inpatient mental health treatment addresses a wide range of issues from depression and anxiety to PTSD using cognitive behavioral therapy, prescription medications, or a combination of both.

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, patients work with a therapist in a one-on-one setting to develop healthy coping skills and work toward emotional stability and wellness.  Psychotherapy techniques help clients manage anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and more in a safe and confidential environment.

Family Therapy

Destructive family environments contribute to addiction and mental health issues and can make recovery even harder for someone who is already struggling.  Family therapy helps family members connect and learn how to communicate, offer support, and show love and empathy in healthy ways.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is an effective and non-invasive way to relieve pain, stress, tension, and dysfunctions associated with the central nervous system.  CST therapists aim to promote whole-body wellness and health by relieving chronic nervous system issues using light touch techniques developed and tested by Osteopathic Physician John E. Upledger at Michigan State University.

Psychiatric Services

Soul Surgery’s psychiatric services focus on a holistic approach to diagnose and treat mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders.  Psychotherapy and prescribed psychiatric medication treat the mind, and patients take advantage of spirit- and body-healing fitness and relaxation services as they complete mental health rehab.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Not every patient wants to or can complete inpatient mental health treatment.  For clients who prefer to receive intensive addiction and mental health care while carrying on with their daily lives, our partial hospitalization program offers robust outpatient treatment for 25 hours each week.  Enjoy the same services as our full-time residents, including psychiatric and therapy services, craniosacral therapy, and use of our athletic facilities, without having to take weeks off from work.

Primary Process Group

Giving and receiving peer support is an integral part of recovery.  We provide twelve-step meetings, a supportive group environment, and oversight by a licensed behavioral health specialist to make sure every client learns strategies to communicate with trust, respect, and empathy.

Psychoeducational Groups

To overcome a problem, first, you must understand it.  Psychoeducational groups aim to educate clients and their families about all aspects of mental health and addiction problems that affect them.  From the way addiction affects the brain to strategies for getting the most out of treatment, our psychoeducation professionals will cover every topic you need to understand and conquer your obstacles.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In addition to mental health rehab, Soul Surgery offers drug and alcohol rehab conveniently located in the therapeutic setting of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Luxurious treatment facilities give clients the tools and help they need to tackle recovery once and for all and put addiction behind them for good.


We firmly believe that a holistic approach to mental health and addiction treatment is the best way forward.  Keep your mind, body, and spirit in tune with one another as you take advantage of massage therapy, mindfulness and meditation training, biofeedback therapy, a full gym, nutrition therapy, and more.  Services from the world-class on-site MedSpa are available to every patient at Soul Surgery.

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What treatment methods do you use?

Soul Surgery uses a variety of treatment methods for mental health treatment, including, individual therapy, family therapy, craniosacral therapy, psychiatric services, partial hospitalization program, primary process group, psychoeducational groups, drug and alcohol rehab therapies, and MedSpa holistic services. Each person who comes to us is assessed thoroughly and we use that assessment to develop a custom treatment plan. If at any point, we need to alter the treatment plan, we can do so.

What are the signs of poor mental health?

There are a variety of symptoms of poor mental health that many people experience on a regular basis, but it’s when those signs continue for a prolonged period of time that we need to seek treatment. identifies the following as some of the warning signs of poor mental health: excessive worrying or fear, feeling excessively sad or low, confused thinking or problems concentrating and learning, extreme mood changes, prolonged or strong feelings of irritability or anger, avoiding friends and social activities, changes in sleeping and/or eating habits, changes in sex drive, difficulty perceiving reality, abuse of substances, suicidal thoughts.

Is anxiety a mental illness?

Most people experience some anxiety in their life, but others suffer from feelings of intense fear and distress that become overwhelming. When this type of anxiety, fear and distress prevents us from doing everyday activities, it is more than “normal” anxiety. Anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and phobias. Mental health treatment at Soul Surgery can help with anxiety disorders.

What are the most common types of mental illness?

Anxiety disorders, mood disorders (including depression and bipolar disorder), schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, dementia, and eating disorders are the most common types of mental illness.

How much does mental health treatment cost?

Because our treatment approach is so custom, it’s difficult to estimate the cost of mental health treatment. For a better understanding of treatment pricing, please fill out our insurance verification form or give us a call today. We promise to keep your information confidential and work with you to give you the most accurate information.

How effective is mental health treatment?

There are many evidence-based mental health treatments that are highly effective. The main issue surrounding mental health treatment is availability of a wide range of treatment options since not every treatment variety works for every person that comes to us for help. Instead, a combination of treatment works best in many cases. The option and availability of psychiatric medications to help with treatment will also impact the effectiveness of mental health treatment. While psychiatric medications don’t necessarily “cure” mental health concerns, they are an effective tool in mental health treatment.

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