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alcohol addiction treatment center scottsdale

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

The misuse of alcohol can lead to devastating effects for you and the people you love and respect. When seeking to reclaim your life and break the ties of active addiction, alcohol treatment programs are pivotal to successful recovery and long-lasting sobriety. Alcohol addiction treatment center programs like the ones at Soul Surgery Integrative Medicine Addiction Centers in Scottsdale offer you professional and caring integrative medicine clinicians who know how to walk with you in your journey. They do so in a beautiful and relaxing environment where you’ll feel invigorated to work toward your recovery.

Why an Alcohol Treatment Center Program?

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, it’s estimated that 16 million people in the United States suffer from alcohol use disorder, or AUD. When you’re in active alcohol addiction, it’s often difficult for you to stop the abusive practices and stay away from triggers that occur in your day-to-day life. Alcohol treatment centers offer an opportunity to remove yourself from triggers and temptations that can cause you to misuse alcohol. At the same time, you surround yourself with those who are skilled and want to help you learn how to live and enjoy life substance-free.

Alcohol treatment center programs like Soul Surgery have clinicians who know that overcoming alcohol addiction is multi-faceted in treatment. Their goal is to help you safely detox and overcome your alcohol addiction. They do so by giving you the physical and psychological support you need to address the root of your dependency. This support includes addressing the habits you want to break, and goals you want to fulfill as part of your path toward sobriety.

What Can You Expect From Alcohol Treatment Centers?

Most people have a difficult time abstaining from alcohol on their own. They would benefit greatly with a more in-depth investigation of what drives them to drink and the triggers that continue to play out in their repeated misuse.

Even if you may find yourself somewhat ‘successful’ in reducing or eliminating your alcohol use, studies suggest that the best rates of recovery and fewer relapses occur when you’re part of a rehabilitative program committed to your recovery.

Alcohol treatment center clinicians are skilled professionals who have been trained to work specifically with you as an individual. They’ll offer you options for detox as well the removal of the typical stressors in your life that make you turn to alcohol. The trained staff at Soul Surgery in Scottsdale knows that detox is just the first part of your recovery journey. They will work alongside you to customize a program that will give you access to holistic and cutting-edge options for continuing your path of sobriety. They’ll stand by you in accountability and encouragement, and you’ll be able to fully focus on your recovery in a gorgeous and serene environment.

Discussing the Details Of Alcohol Detox

The first and most important step in working toward sobriety is detoxification. ‘Detox’ means taking alcohol away from your system, and this is often difficult to do without professional support and help.

The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol detox can be significant and can make you feel very uncomfortable. An alcohol treatment center like Soul Surgery will allow you to withdraw from alcohol in a monitored setting with clinicians who are prepared to help you make the transition as pain-free as possible.

Withdrawal symptoms can include anxiety and/or depression, dehydration, insomnia and/or fatigue, sweating and heart palpitations, lack of appetite and gastrointestinal distress, among other things. Because the professional staff of Soul Surgery is skilled with helping offer resources, accountability and medical care if needed, your detox plan will be more successful and lead to recovery and healing for a lifetime.

While you’re in detox, the staff will make sure that you don’t have to focus on anything but your recovery. Soul Surgery has an executive chef and offers diet and nutrition coaching to ensure you’re getting premium nutrition and fuel while you withdraw. You’ll also be able to enjoy their on-site gym and sauna as well as their beautiful walking paths. Additionally research shows that yoga can be a healthy ‘escape’ that offers a restored inner state and peace through post acute withdrawal detox. Soul Surgery’s holistic MedSpa is just the place to find that peace through this process.

Most importantly, Soul Surgery will offer accountability as you go through withdrawal and learn to live alcohol-free.

Walking With You Each Step Of The Way

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recommends recovery treatment centers to help manage alcohol dependence and take positive steps to get on the road of long-lasting sobriety.

The caring and concerned staff of Soul Surgery Integrative Medicine Addiction Centers want to walk with you on this road. The luxurious and comfortable accommodations will allow you to focus on rebuilding your life fully, and the professional clinicians will guide you in your efforts. You deserve to live a substance-free life and to enjoy it. Soul Surgery helps people achieve that dream regularly, and they’re waiting to help you with yours.

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