Why Choose Soul Surgery

Why Choose Soul Surgery

Why Soul Surgery Stands Out as a Top Arizona Rehab

There are several reasons to choose Soul Surgery over other treatment centers in Arizona, or in other areas of the country. We understand how important it is to know your options and to understand what kind of care to expect for yourself or your loved one. Here are some of the reasons Soul Surgery stands out as a top Scottsdale Rehab:

Trauma Care During Addiction Treatment

Soul Surgery is proud to employ trauma-informed and trauma trained staff. Because of this specialty training and education, we can treat the underlying issues that set a person up for addiction and keep them trapped in the cycle of using.

Case Management Throughout Your Stay.

Our case managers spend an extensive amount of time with clients to adequately prepare them for discharge and to help coordinate the resolution of issues created while in active addiction.

We also have close relationships with sober living facilities that will work with you after you leave treatment to support long term recovery, ensuring that clients are matched with the right fit (i.e., MAT inclusive).

Full Continuum of Care

If a person finds that their level of care is not supportive of their personal recovery, we can make adjustments smoothly and quickly.

Long-Term Treatment

Research has demonstrated that the longer the person is in Scottsdale Rehab for treatment, the more successful they are maintaining long term sobriety, and we do offer customized length of stays.

12 Step Rehab Redefined

Through our clinically based program, we highly encourage participation in the 12 steps as a means of developing a sober community, support, and personal growth; however, our program curriculum is not 12-step based.

We Are Here For You

Each client actively participates in weekly individual therapy sessions and receives considerable clinical staff support during clinic hours. Our staff has an open-door policy, and we are willing to spend time offering support even outside of scheduled appointments

We Offer Flexible Schedules

During the initial portion of our treatment stay, we have a structured program schedule. As your program level drops, we can adjust the clients’ treatment schedules to accommodate personal circumstances. Your team fully supports getting back to being employed and navigating life while in a supportive and structured environment.

Through our flexible schedules, we can test out all of those new skills a client has learned in real-life situations. We also have an evening IOP which is ideal for professionals looking to maintain their recovery while being able to continue working a full-time schedule.

Scottsdale Rehab Aftercare

Soul Surgery offers continued support through outpatient services, which include group and individual therapy once per week, as well as access to ancillary services like massage and acupuncture. Our aftercare program provides even more support as clients navigate their return to daily life, and the adjustments and challenges this poses.

Holistic Approach

We treat all aspects of the client, and have an exclusive MedSpa on-site for our clients’ use during treatment. Alongside a diverse team of professionals, you can issues with mind, body, and spirit. It is difficult to find peace if one part of our being is not in balance. We utilize multiple modalities, including group and individual therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, biosound, IV therapy, medical and psychiatric services to treat all aspects of suffering.

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