Protecting Sobriety & Preventing Relapse

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protecting sobriety and preventing relapse

Protecting Sobriety & Preventing Relapse

Next to seeking help for alcohol or drug use disorder, preventing relapse is the hardest part of drug treatment. Overcoming a drug dependency isn’t easy. Therefore, finding ways to protect your sobriety during rehab will prepare you for challenging moments. Statistics reveal between 40 to 60 percent of people who’ve been treated for addiction or alcoholism relapse within a year. But that doesn’t mean relapse is inevitable. Lasting sobriety is possible with the right support, learning new ways to cope with life’s challenges, and surrounding yourself with people who help you maintain sober living.

What Causes Relapse?

A number of factors can push those battling drug use disorder to give up sobriety and return to drugs or alcohol. If you’re supporting someone battling a dependency, it’s important to understand that addiction is a disease, not a choice. Knowing that your family member falls into self-harm through drug or alcohol dependency because of a brain disorder and not a conscious decision will help you better support them.

Whether your goal is preventing relapse for yourself or supporting a loved one through sobriety, understanding circumstances and situations that trigger the need for drugs will help maintain your sobriety.

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Unrealistic Expectations

Having impossible demands for sobriety can cause undue stress when your expectations aren’t met. When those demands aren’t met, it becomes easier to forfeit sobriety.


Viewing your sobriety as a “forever” commitment can be mentally daunting. Recovery is a journey, and progress should be your goal. Look at sobriety as a day-to-day achievement, not a life-long sentence.

Unhealthy Eating

Your mental and physical health must be restored by proper nutrition and hydration. Today’s Dietitian reports unhealthy eating can cause nutrient deficiencies that “can lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety, and low energy, all of which can lead someone to start using drugs or alcohol or trigger a relapse.”

Financial Strain

Whatever your financial goals, your recovery and sobriety must come first. Take inventory of your financial status. Outline your assets, debts, and expenses. Knowing where you stand financially is the only way to move in the right direction. Create a budget that allows you to monitor your spending and be prepared for unexpected expenses that would otherwise cause extreme stress.


Building a healthy, sober life takes energy. Don’t become discouraged if after protecting your sobriety for the day, you’re too tired to enjoy the benefits of a clear mind. Fatigue is the body’s way of telling you it’s time to rest. Don’t mistake that feeling for the need for a drink or stimulant.

One of the best ways to prepare for and deal with these challenges is finding a support group that will walk you through the situation. Drug specialists at Soul Surgery Rehab will design a personalized approach to drug or alcohol treatment for you. Your journey to sobriety is unlike anyone else’s, so your plan for long-term sobriety should be just as unique.

Keys To Preventing Relapse

When you’re ready to create a life of sobriety and positive experiences, desire alone will not prevent relapse. To protect the sober life you’re creating, you must have a plan. Recognize the triggers in your life that push you toward drug and alcohol use. Have the courage to name each trigger, even if it’s a friend or loved one. Spending time with those who continue to use drugs will stop you from preventing relapse. Put space between you and old acquaintances who still depend on drugs.

Accept help from a counselor, support group, or 12-step program at an Arizona drug and rehab treatment center. Recognize when you need help and reach out for support for an alternative view and sober strategies to help get you through challenging moments.

Soul Surgery Rehab is designed to help you achieve sobriety through our custom holistic treatment, inpatient or outpatient treatment, or sober living facility. Our caring staff will equip you with the physical and mental tools you need to achieve and maintain sobriety. You don’t have to handle preventing relapse alone. Contact the experienced team at Soul Surgery Rehab to learn how you can protect your sobriety.






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